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Bernie and Louise Wulff(non-registered)
Still savoring our week of September 13-19, 2015 with you and Alice at Yellowstone on our first Road Scholar experience. We had fun and learned a lot from your comments about the ecology of Yellowstone along the way. We also learned that you are a "real" photographer! Your images and videos posted on this website are amazing, both in terms of subject matter and artistic quality. Many good reminders of the wonderful fragments of the natural environment that are still available to us, thanks to our state and national parks. Must have been a really amazing place before we got here.
Michael Funk(non-registered)

I count meeting, getting to know, and learning from you through the classes you led at Yellowstone a few years ago to be among the things in my adult life for which I am very grateful. I love your web site....and your photography is amazing. You illuminate our natural treasures with the passion of one who truly cares for them and understands what a blessing they are. Keep up the good work and I look forward to out paths again crossing at some point in the (hopefully near) future.

Kudos and best regards,

Dean & Kathy Carrier(non-registered)
Ours has been a fairly long relationship (with a few inopportune voids on my part) but I add up somewhere near 40 years. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Your e-books are superb, especially the Wisdom concept. I’m always astonished at not only your photography but your ability to augment it with your thoughtful views on nature. It’s heart-warming to know we have friends as you and Alice with such a truly objective insight on our natural world. Good work, my friend!
Ronald Osborne(non-registered)
I recently was with you on Road Scholar in the Tetons and Yellowstone. Your site is as magnificient as your art. I'm now a life-long fan.
Susan Liepa(non-registered)
Pete, looking forward to browsing through your beautiful photos.
Alexandra Cespedes(non-registered)
Dear Pete Bengeyfield,

I am a gallery assistant at Agora Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery in New York. Can I send you some information about our gallery and about an upcoming exhibition that you might be interested in?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

Alexandra Cespedes
Gallery Assistant /Agora Gallery
Phone: 212.226.4151 ext 207
Fax: 212.966.4380
Jim Heustess(non-registered)

The updated site looks and sounds good. See you soon. Jim
Cheryl Taylor(non-registered)
Hi Pete,

So glad I stumbled on your website. As expected, your images are magnificent; you are an outstanding artist. Additional, you are one of the best Hydro-Heads I had the pleasure of knowing. Maybe I'll see you in the park; got the coveted Senior Pass last year!
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